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Aggregate your digital assets within one system and deliver these across many platforms


Aggregate your digital assets within one system and deliver these across many platforms. Enhance the digital learning provision of your VLE or LMS with dedicated plugins that allow users to seamlessly browse, embed and upload media from within your chosen platform. Planet eStream also offers integrations with leading library management systems and management information systems, as well as technical integrations for AD, LDAP, Azure, SAML2/Shibboleth, SSO etc.

Microsoft Teams

Unify the power of your Planet eStream Media Platform with your Microsoft Teams workflow, providing simple content sharing tools and Planet eStream Virtual Class integration*.

Sharing Tools

Seamlessly integrate your Planet eStream content with your Microsoft Teams workflow. Our Teams integrations enable you to access your Planet eStream media library directly from within Teams and then collaborate by sending direct links/cards to other Teams members or groups. The integration also gives access to the TV and Radio Recorder, the Planet eStream Connect archive and the Photo Module. You can also upload and view shared video content within Microsoft Teams.

Interactive Video Based Quizzes

Planet eStream enables educators to add interactive assets including quiz style questions to their videos. These quizzes can be shared by educators and completed by students within Teams, quiz results/analytics are also logged for review purposes.

Virtual Class

The Planet eStream Virtual Class tool is also available via the Teams app, enabling users to easily schedule and host a Virtual Class from within Teams. Find out more about a Virtual Class here

MS Teams Integration MS Teams Integration MS Teams Integration MS Teams Integration MS Teams Integration

Upload Your Recorded Teams Meetings

In addition to the Planet eStream Microsoft Teams App, there is a dedicated tool for uploading your recorded Microsoft Teams meetings to your Planet eStream Media Library. This tool is available via the main Planet eStream interface and the Microsoft Teams App.

OneNote and Sway Integration

Planet eStream provides specific embed code options for both Microsoft OneNote and Sway applications. This enables users to take content on their Planet eStream and embed this directly into their OneNote documents and Sway presentations*.

OneNote and Sway Integration

*Please note, these features are only available for Planet eStream Cloud Platform customers

Enhancing Digital Learning Provision Via your VLE or LMS

Planet eStream enables users to have superior video support in their VLE. Our range of bespoke plugins for supported VLEs enable educators to easily embed videos, photosets, quizzes, playlists and widgets from Planet eStream within their chosen VLE without the need to cut and paste embed codes. There is also the option to allow your users to upload videos and media to Planet eStream from within their VLE to streamline workflows. This is great for implementing video assessment processes and enabling both students and teachers to submit video responses.

Connect your VLE to a Library of Broadcast Television Programmes

Selected VLE plugins provide full access to Planet eStream’s TV recording service and TV archive*. This enables educators to directly browse current television broadcasts and a library of over 2 million archived programmes, and embed these directly into their VLE/LMS course pages.

This feature is available to Canvas, SharePoint, Moodle, Firefly, Blackboard and D2L users

*TV recording and archive access is subject to level of licence purchased and limited to UK customers only.

Create Recordings Within Your VLE

The Planet eStream Web Recorder can be accessed via our plugins, providing a simple solution for screen capture or recording from a camera. These can then be embedded into your VLE course page.

The results from interactive video based quizzes created in Planet eStream that are embedded within Canvas are automatically fed back to Canvas Gradebook.
Enhancing Digital Learning Provision Via your VLE or LMS

Google Classroom Share Link Option

Users with permission to create web links in Planet eStream also have access to the Google Classroom ‘Share Link’ button. Users can select options to create their web link and then click on the Google Classroom Share option to start adding content to Google assignments.

Read our blog post here

Google Classroom Share Link Option
See more about the syndication of media across other learning platforms with Planet eStream

“The integration between Moodle and Planet eStream give us tracking capabilities, which means we can monitor through the VLE which students have completed the pre-lesson work. For teaching staff, this is a very useful tool. We use the VLE for assignment submission and marking, too, and the Planet eStream Assignment Submission plugin for Moodle enables students to upload assignments quickly and easily. It also allows staff to mark work, giving comments and feedback within the system, which makes marking more enjoyable and saves significant time.” Neil Prior, Head of E-Learning, Berkshire College of Agriculture

“A significant proportion of our students’ learning is practical. We needed a solution that would fundamentally transform our recorded performance library system, turning it into one that could be embedded in our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and accessed by staff and students on demand.” Mark Soole, Head of ICT Services, Royal College of Music

Make your Presentations Stand Out

Dedicated Microsoft PowerPoint Integration empowers educators and students to search and embed content from Planet eStream within their presentations.

Make your Presentations Stand Out

One Stop Searching for Library Management Systems

Content management is important for library administration and Library Management Systems are perfect for cataloguing all resources, including Planet eStream content. Our bespoke plugins with our LMS partners enable librarians to search their LMS and return results from media assets on Planet eStream as well as those in their LMS. This syndicated search provides a great central resource for learning resources professionals.

Display a slideshow of book covers and titles from your MLS Reading Cloud, Eclipse or Junior Librarian on digital signage screens powered by Planet eStream. Options available include Top Ten, Book of the Week and New Resources.
Integration key data with Planet eStream

Management Information System Integrations

Planet eStream is an official Enterprise iSAMS Partner and have developed a series of great integrations that provide synergy between two vital management tools. Our integrations enable organisations to tag their Planet eStream videos and photos with iSAMs data including class, year group and individual student options. We also offer the ability to pull data from the iSAMs calendar and bulletins straight into Planet eStream digital signage designs.


Parent Portals

Sharing school photos and videos with parents has always been part and parcel of school life. Our integrations with parent portals enable you to securely share selected media from your Planet eStream library with parents and the whole school community. From within your parent portal you can browse your Planet eStream media library and embed selected items with ease.

Our My School Portal integration enables iSAMS users to tag content with data, including class, year group and individual student options. See the integration in action below.
Parent Portals
Quick Look

See our My School Portal integration in action

Controlling Access to your System

Planet eStream has many authentication options to give you full and comprehensive control over your media archive. Options include - LDAP, Active Directory, Microsoft ADFS, Microsoft Azure AD, SAML2/Shibboleth and Google Login.

For further information on the authentication options available view our Directory Integration Summary here

Active Directory Integration and oAuth
One Stop Searching for Library Management Systems

“Planet eStream is being widely used by the 40 lecturers involved in the flipped classroom programme. They are all regularly preparing lectures using eStream to embed video clips into our Moodle VLE as well as into Office 365 applications. Planet eStream makes this process very easy.” Juha Eskelinen, Chief Information Officer, University of Eastern Finland

Integrating Key Data with Digital Signage

The Planet eStream Digital Signage module accepts data feeds from a number of useful sources, these include;

  • Met Office Weather Information
  • Twitter Feeds
  • RSS Feeds
  • iSams Calendar Information
  • iSams Bulletin Data
  • Top Ten Books, Book of the Week and New Resources from your cloud hosted MLS Eclipse or Junior Librarian

Planet eStream Digital Signage here

Integrating data with lanet estream

“The use of Twitter Feeds in our digital signage has also had a dramatic impact with teachers tweeting the latest scores of sporting events, and the Head Teacher tweeting latest school news, these forms of communication have revolutionised the way live news is output throughout the school, everyone feels more informed." Gildredge House School, Eastbourne

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